Bing Announced The Bing Ads now Supports Language Targeting At The Campaign Level

Expand your global reach with Multiple Language Targeting With Bing Ads

Bing Ads announced on October 03, 2018 that In Past Bing Ads has only supported language targeting at the bing adsgroup-level. Now advertisers can target multiple languages at the campaign level, for global advertisers that don’t break out language targeting in separate campaigns, this will be helpful update.
How Multiple Language Targeting Use full For Digital Marketing

  • Reach more customers. Targeting additional languages allows you to gain ad impressions on more queries and increase your reach.
    Show more customer-friendly ads. By being able to serve ads in more languages, you can improve ad quality and customer satisfaction.
    Make updates with flexibility. You can update the set of languages you choose to target at any time, even after the campaigns are active.
    Import across platforms more easily. Multiple language targeting at the campaign level makes it easier to import campaigns from Google Ads. Bing ads will import all the supported languages for the campaigns and set the ad group language to use the campaign settings.

Article Source: Bing Ads, searchengineland

What changed? Previously, Bing Ads only supported language targeting at the ad group level. That meant settings had to be carried through to multiple ad groups. It also meant that the settings weren’t in alignment with Google Ads campiagns, causing problems when advertisers targeting multiple languages imported those campaigns from Google Ads into Bing ads

How to set it up? Advertisers can still set language targeting at the ad group level, which will override the campaign settings. To set up campaign-level language targeting, simply select any or all of the 12 supported languages in campaign settings. Then, in ad group settings, select the option to use the campaign settings for language targeting. You can use bulk editing in the web UI to change language settings across multiple campaigns and ad groups.

Why it matters. Targeting additional languages can generate more impressions on more queries and expand reach. If you’re targeting multiple languages, a reminder that Bing Ads doesn’t translate your ads and recommends writing ads in the language you’re targeting.


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