Google released a new version of Lighthouse 3.0


Lighthouse  is a Automatic and open source tool For the improving your web page quality. You can run it against any web page, public or requiring authentication. It has audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, and more.seo expert updates

Now Google released the new version of Lighthouse 3.0 . A tool back by Google To help developers to make web pages better and faster. Lighthouse tool provide a Set of audits against web-page Page URL. English told you can find tips and guidance How to improve your specific web page Performance, accessibility, Progressive web apps and more.

Lighthouse 3.0 is out and it brings faster audits, less variance, a new report user interface, new audits and much more.

New user interface for the reports:

New update

The new updated features in the Lighthouse 3.0 are:

  • new user interface for reports
  • Faster  audits And less variance
  • support the same configuration options as the CLI  version.
  • Export your report as csv file.  each row contain information and results for one audit.
  • Scoring changes: The Performance score is a weighted average of the Performance audits. The weighting of the audits also changes in v3.
  • JSON Output changes.
  • include First Contentful Paint, robots.txt is not valid. Use video formats for animated content and avoid multiple, costly round-trips to any origin.
  • Two audit changes including First Interactive to First CPU Idle and Perceptual Speed Index to Speed Index.

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