How to Start Advertising on Facebook?

Start Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising works on a bidding model similar to Google ads. You bid on the price you are willing to pay to have your ad shown, and then you are charged in either one of two ways:
  • Cost-per-click (CPC): This method is as simple as it sounds, charging you for when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Cost-per-mile (CPM): This method charges you per 1000 people who see your advertisement.
In Google advertising you uses keywords in Google searches to determine which ads to display. But in Facebook ads, you bid on target demographics and keywords that appear in user profiles.

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  • You can target by country, state, city, or zip code.
  • You can choose a range, or no upper bound maximum. Facebook gives you the option to require an exact match within an age range if you select the Require Exact Age Match box. This means that if a user turned 51 yesterday, that user will not be shown the ad for which you selected the age range of 25 to 50.
  • However, it’s better not to require an exact match because Facebook will give you a “discounted bid” for people who click your ad but are slightly outside the range (although Facebook does not provide an exact idea of “slightly” and it doesn’t specify its definition of “discounted bid”).
  • Interests are displayed in a person’s profile and are drawn from the keywords used in their information. When you start typing, you may notice the # symbol next to some words. Facebook refers to this as “topic targeting.” For example, there may be many pages or interests around the term “bicycle.” And by selecting #bicycle, you are including all of those keywords so you don’t have to individually select each one. If you want the specific term and not a broader match, choose the term without the # symbol in front. You can also click the Switch to Broad Category Targeting link to use a broader range of general terms to target, such as “Outdoor Fitness Activities.”
  • Here, the radio button is defaulted to “anyone,” but you can choose to include or exclude fans of the Facebook Pages where you are the admin of.
Advance Demographic:
  • Many of these selections will limit your audience heavily, so only choose these options if you have a very specific purpose.
  • Straightforward choices of men, women, and all.

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